What’s the Point of Minimalism?

This post was last updated on January 28th, 2019

Minimalism is the idea that reducing one’s possessions and consumption will simplify one’s life. By needing and wanting less, the need to earn money is reduced, and more time can be spent doing things one truly enjoys, leading to an improved quality of life.
I think that when I decided to move to Greece, this was in itself a minimalist decision. I got rid of almost all my possessions and arrived here with one check-in suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. This gave me an immense feeling of freedom.
Minimalism can also help to make it easier to keep your space clean. (Pixabay)
In recent months, I have become more and more interested in minimalism, and I have decided to start reducing my wardrobe. I want to own only pieces that I like and will actually wear. Due to some lifestyle changes, the clothes I owned last year are not all practical anymore. Since moving offices, I take the bike to work. This renders long skirts or dresses completely impractical. A year ago I would have kept those items for the weekends or for going on vacation. After finding out more about minimalism, my mindset has changed, and I don’t wish to keep clothes just because I might wear them some day. I will try to sell some items to second-hand stores and donate the rest. The idea feels liberating. In turn, I will be able to spend more money on high-quality items and actually wear them on a regular basis instead of just three times a year.
Likewise, I used to own tons and tons of books before moving to Athens. I could not walk into a bookstore without buying at least two or three books. Obviously, the point of a book is not to simply own it. If I read a book once there is no need to actually own it. Consumerist society tells us that we need to own everything we see and like – usually in order to impress other people. However, just because we see something that we like doesn’t mean we need to own it.
Minimalism means to own far less but actually use and enjoy it.

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