Vegan Food in Budapest: 13 of the Best Spots for Vegan Food

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Nina Ahmedow

Ahh, the vegan food in Budapest! You may remember that I traveled to Hungary’s capital last year (check out my top 18 things to do in Budapest). As the choice of vegan restaurants in Budapest was pretty overwhelming, it took me quite a while to put together this vegan Budapest guide, but it’s finally here. There are more vegan restaurants in Budapest, but these are the places I went to enjoy tons of vegan food in Budapest. So without further ado, here’s my vegan Budapest guide that so many of you have been asking about.

Vegan Budapest Guide

I’m ordering this vegan Budapest guide by meal and food type so you can more easily find what you’re looking for. Because vegan food in Budapest isn’t limited to burgers and pasta!

Vegan Breakfast in Budapest, Hungary

I’m kicking off this vegan Budapest guide with a breakfast section because we all know it’s the most important meal of the day. The first morning we went to a cute little place called Great Bistro. I got the buckwheat pancakes with cinnamon and agave syrup (as you know, I loooove cinnamon) and some coconut water. The pancakes were amazing, people! Alfonso got a club sandwich, and we even shared a chocolate mousse for dessert. I mean, can you call it dessert if it’s part of your breakfast?

Everything was delicious and filling so we had enough energy to explore the city. We also really liked the atmosphere at Great Bistro. We were definitely happy to have found a vegan breakfast spot.
Bank utca 6. Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

The next day we had breakfast at a very cozy spot called Naspolya Nassolda where we both got granola (I got banana/coconut, and Alfonso went for the apple/goji one.) This is a very small place, but the atmosphere is wonderful, and the décor is so pretty. Even if there aren’t a ton of items on the menu the vibe is reason enough to come here, so we went back another day only for lemonade.
Káldy Gyula utca 7. Open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 7 pm.

The next morning for breakfast we headed to Budapest’s vegan bakery, Fill Good. Yes, you read that right, on top of all the amazing vegan food in Budapest, the city has an entirely vegan bakery. If you weren’t convinced to book a trip to Budapest yet, you absolutely have to now. Fill Good is quite a small place, but again, we’re talking about a bakery that is entirely vegan!

There are quite a few choices, both sweet and savory. Being a sweet tooth I had the apricot and chocolate buns which were both unbelievably tasty. Alfonso was more in the mood for pizza and some pastry which were delicious as well.
Hollán Ernő utca 3. Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8 am to 2 pm.

The last breakfast we had was at Vega City, a kind of fast food place where you order from what you see behind the counter. I had a ciabatta and lemonade here which were okay but nothing special to tell you the truth. I hoped to improve my experience by asking them to recommend a cake, but the oatcake I got tasted mediocre.

Overall, the food wasn’t bad here, but not great either, and I feel like the place lacked soul. They seem to want to offer all these healthier options, but at the same time, it’s ready-made fast food. It’s neither a buffet, nor a proper sit-down restaurant, so it all seems to lack a real concept. I wouldn’t say don’t go here, but there are so many better places for vegan food in Budapest.
Múzeum körút 23-25. Open Monday 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm.

Vegan Desserts in Budapest

As a sweet tooth I need to add a whole section on desserts to this vegan Budapest guide. Because there are such good options, too!

The weather was amazing during our trip, so the first evening we decided to get some ice cream at Gelarto Rosa. Now, this is not an entirely vegan place, but they do have quite a few options. I got raspberry and mango, and Alfonso went for two mixed flavors, strawberry/elderberry and raspberry/chocolate. The single flavors were better than the mixed ones, I would say, so unless you’re feeling adventurous stick to those.

What I didn’t like about Gelarto Rosa was that they basically took Amorino’s concept of “rose petal” ice cream, but then don’t let you choose one flavor per petal, but only one per layer. Nonetheless, if you want vegan ice cream in Budapest, this is a place worth checking out. There is actually a second Gelarto Rosa right around the corner which also has some juices that we tried.
Szent István tér 3. Open Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm.

Now for a more curious little place called Dynamo Bake. This is a bakery and bike rental (how cool is that combination!?) with some vegan options. We tried two cheesecakes, tropical and avocado/nut, and a homemade lemonade. There are a few tables outside, and it’s so lovely to sit there as it’s a quiet street away from all the crowds.

As Dynamo Bake is not vegan, you’re not always guaranteed to find vegan options, so maybe it’s more of a place to check in if you’re already in the area.
Képíró utca 6. Open Friday 12 pm to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.

Vegan Restaurants in Budapest That Serve Hungarian Food

This is not a section I can add to each of my vegan travel guides, but Hungary’s capital is doing an excellent job of veganizing traditional dishes. That’s why I got to review several places for this vegan Budapest guide that offer Hungarian food.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Budapest if you’re looking for Hungarian dishes is Edeni Vegan. Here we got to choose from a bunch of options that were available behind the counter. We both got a mixed plate with a bunch of different things like potatoes with spinach, tofu scramble, soy meat, caramelized onions, mashed potatoes, pasta with soy meat, a burger patty, and more pasta. We also had minestrone soup. Along with that, we got some water and lemonade, as it was quite warm.

Everything was delicious and filling, and we definitely got a traditional Hungarian vibe from the food and the interior. The ladies working there were a bit older giving Edeni Vegan the feel of a place where sweet grandmothers offer Hungarian vegan food in Budapest. Definitely a great place to go in the Buda part of the city. However, if you’re sensitive to soy you might not have that many options here.
Iskola utca 31. Open Monday to Friday 10 am to 7 pm.

The next day for lunch, we ended up at Napfenyes Restaurant. Now, this place was quite a surprise. Usually, I stumble upon vegan restaurants that are fast-food restaurants or very cozy casual ones. This one looked a bit upscale, although the prices were not too high and the crowd was very relaxed. But there was something about the décor, the napkins, the tablecloths that just made this place seem a bit fancier.

And again we were lucky because this is another plae where you can try Hungarian vegan food in Budapest. If there is one thing Hungarians are good at it’s offering traditional dishes at vegan restaurants in Budapest. I sometimes worry that as a vegan I might miss out on a culture’s traditional foods, but not so in the vegan restaurants in Budapest. At Napfenyes Restaurant I had goulash and stuffed cabbage, while Alfonso went for the far less Hungarian ratatouille.

For drinks, we chose our typical water and lemonade – so refreshing in the heat. We also had an outstanding sponge cake for dessert. The food here was so traditional and good, and we even saw Hungarian families with their grandmothers eating here! Definitely a must when you’re looking for vegan food in Budapest!
Ferenciek tere 2. Open Monday to Sunday 11:30 am to 9 pm.

So now it’s time to talk about my favorite place for vegan food in Budapest: Kozmosz Vegan Étterem. It’s not the prettiest of the vegan restaurants in Budapest, but wow, the food! And again, they have veganized versions of traditional Hungarian dishes! Plus they have cute plush veggies, look!

The first time we went here I got a seitan stew, and Alfonso got the traditional cottage cheese csusza. Csusza is a Hungarian type of pasta and really tasty. We usually try each other’s food, and after trying the csusza, I wanted to come back a second time to have a whole plate! So delicious! I also had some kombucha by the way because I couldn’t keep drinking lemonade all the time.

The second time I obviously had the csusza and Alfonso got stuffed peppers with tofu. Again, mind-blowing dishes. I cannot begin to explain how happy we were with the food. But this second time around we figured we’d also have some dessert, and oh my goodness…! We ordered a layered pancake with poppy seeds and walnuts, topped with chocolate sauce. Again: a cake that was basically made by layering pancakes with a paste of poppy seeds and walnuts in between each layer, topped with chocolate sauce. Heavenly! For this alone, Kozmosz belongs in any list of vegan restaurants in Budapest.

If you don’t have the time to try all the vegan food in Budapest you at least need to go to Kozmosz Vegan Étterem. It’s simply out of this world! Now I’m not Hungarian. I have also never had any Hungarians cook for me before I went vegan so I can’t promise that these dishes taste exactly like the non-vegan originals, but they were mouthwatering for sure. Kozmosz is definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Budapest.
Hunyadi tér 11. Open Monday to Sunday 11:30 am to 9 pm.

Italian Vegan Food in Budapest

Italian food is a classic all over Europe and incredibly easy to veganize (especially pizza and pasta). Whenever I travel, there’s a good chance I have pasta or pizza at least once. So I couldn’t forego Italian food in this vegan Budapest guide.

The first night we looked for vegan food in Budapest we went for dinner at a vegan pizza place called vegazzi. I loved this place! They didn’t have a ton of options which means they really got a chance to perfect their pizzas. I got the margherita here because it is THE original pizza, and you can judge it very easily. Alfonso went for the mushroom pizza. Both were outstanding and probably still the best vegan pizza we’ve had so far.

I also really liked how friendly the people here were. What was even better, though, was the location. The restaurant is actually more like a stall in one of the many open-air venues in Budapest. This one included a bar as well. Perfect for summer nights!
Note: Vegazzi is temporarily closed. I’ll update this vegan Budapest guide as soon as I know more.

Then there is Madal which makes fresh vegan pasta. This was my first time at a vegan place that makes fresh pasta. If you are really into pasta you know that fresh pasta makes all the difference. I went for the arrabbiata sauce and Alfonso chose the carbonara sauce, and both were really delicious!

I looove spicy food and usually get disappointed with the so-called “spicy” options because they often only have the tiniest hint of spice to them. But as Hungarians really like their hot paprika, the arrabbiata sauce here actually had a decent level of spice. I would say not to opt for the extra cheese because it really becomes a bit overpowering. To drink I had my favorite: coconut water, so hydrating and healthy.

Madal is close to the Parliament and some university buildings, so there are lots of students working on their papers here. There’s also a cafe in the same space but sort of separate. Not all their cakes are vegan so ask them first if you want to get a cake. We got a cheesecake and carrot cake, but they weren’t particularly great. I wouldn’t say that Madal or its café are the best places to try on this vegan Budapest guide, but I think they can be good options.
Alkotmány utca 4. Open Monday to Saturday 11:30 am to 4 pm.

Vegan Burgers in Budapest

Burgers are something I never make myself which means I enjoy them all the more when going out to eat. At the same time, I don’t like only getting burgers when I travel. There has to be a balance between burgers and slow food. Budapest has amazing burgers, and to tell you the truth, you could easily live off burgers if you’re more of a junk food fan. That’s why I needed to include a burger section in this vegan Budapest guide.

One place I’ll definitely recommend is Las Vegan’s. It’s located at a food market in between some old buildings in the Jewish neighborhood. I ordered the coated burger and a berry smoothie here, and Alfonso had a carrot burger and “immunity” smoothie. And since we were on vacation, we also shared some fries with garlic sauce and vegan mayo.

The burgers were absolutely amazing! And again, having a small menu really only makes the few dishes on it that much more amazing. The fries were delicious as well, though the garlic sauce didn’t really taste like there was much garlic in it. Again, what I loved most was the amazing atmosphere in this open-air space.

The burgers were so good that on our last day, we each got a Forest burger to take to the airport. So tasty! They also have a few different locations.
Kazinczy utca 18. Open Sunday to Wednesday 11:30 am to 11 pm, Thursday to Saturday 11:30 am to 1 am.

Right next door to Fill Good, the vegan bakery I mention in the breakfast section, is another burger place called Tökmag. Here, I got an amazing mushroom burger, while Alfonso had a delicious beetroot burger. They also have juices and water, but it’s a really small place and focuses on the burgers. This is not simply a place with good burgers – even the buns were surprisingly good at this tiny place.

I loved that there were some benches outside so you can people-watch while enjoying your burger. This is perhaps one of the most underrated places for vegan food in Budapest, and I had to include it in this vegan Budapest guide.
Hollán Ernő utca 5. Open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 8 pm.

Budapest was also the first city where I saw a true vegan fast-food joint reminiscent of the big chains. Istvanffi Veggie Burger is smaller than a regular fast-food place but follows the exact same concept. Except everything is vegan! I had the Cezar oat burger here which was quite good. Of course, the food is nothing special, but it’s amazing that there are vegan restaurants in Budapest that cater to every need.

Because isn’t it great that an option like this exists for when you’re hungry and in the area? And Istvanffi Veggie Burger is obviously quite cheap despite the fact that it’s good and filling. So while this is not an outstanding place I’m loving how diverse it makes this vegan Budapest guide.
Királyi Pál utca 20. Open Monday to Sunday 11 am to 9 pm.

The One Place to Avoid

Allow me to add a bit of negativity to this vegan Budapest guide. As you know by now, I am always honest in my reviews of places. I usually only go to a given restaurant once or twice during my travels and can’t be sure that the quality is always the same. However, in my mind, if it’s good once there’s a chance that this is because they know what they’re doing.

On the other hand, if I feel a restaurant sucks, I can’t be certain that it’s always bad, but I want to share my honest opinion with you based on my experience. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a place a try. But if you have limited time in a given city, wouldn’t you want to avoid the restaurants that have already disappointed other vegan travelers?

In terms of the vegan restaurants in Budapest that would be Veganeria. It was close to our Airbnb so we thought that if it was any good we could go there more often. Unfortunately, it was the worst food experience we had in Hungary.

I ordered the fried cheese with vegan mayo and rice while Alfonso got the Stroganoff pizza. He didn’t have any complaints about the pizza, though it wasn’t particularly good either. However, my fried cheese was bad – as in, really bad. First of all, it was definitely a frozen meal that was simply heated up in the kitchen. It had that very salty taste lots of frozen foods have. The rice and mayo, on the other hand, tasted like nothing. Because the meal tasted so bad, I had to keep drinking my pineapple juice to get rid of the taste. I really struggled to even finish it.

This was not what I expected after already trying some of the other vegan restaurants in Budapest. As friendly as the people working at Veganeria were, this was some of the worst food I’ve ever had so I can’t recommend it. There are definitely better vegan restaurants in Budapest. But I had to make this vegan Budapest guide an honest one.

Tips for Vegan Travelers in Budapest, Hungary

If you’re heading to Hungary’s capital you’re in for some really excellent vegan food in Budapest. From breakfast to dinner and dessert, you can get everything in the plethora of vegan restaurants in Budapest, and it will be good. But where the vegan food in Budapest really stands out is with traditional Hungarian dishes. Think about it, where else are you going to be able to get amazing vegan goulash and csusza?! And if you end up getting bored there are excellent burgers, pasta, or pizza to try in the vegan restaurants in Budapest. I hope you enjoyed this vegan Budapest guide!

If you’re planning any day trips from Budapest I have vegan guides to Bratislava and Vienna as well.

vegan food in budapest vegan restaurants in budapest vegan budapest pin lemons and luggage

Have you tried any vegan food in Budapest? What do you think about this vegan Budapest guide? And which vegan restaurants in Budapest are your favorites?

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