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3 Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Italy

Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Nina Ahmedow

Italy is one of the countries that stands out most to me. And I absolutely recommend you don’t only go there once. There are some things to know before traveling to Italy that will explain this.

In the travel community, there is a strong focus on seeing as many different countries as possible. While there is nothing wrong with counting countries, I believe that sometimes people miss out on exploring countries more in-depth. If you only see the capital for a day or two does that mean you really know the country?

Of course, you don’t have to see every region in every country you visit. But I think that there are countries that are worth traveling to again and again. Because most nations have so much to offer. ​There are several countries I have been to more than once. Denmark, Sweden, France, Canada, Spain, Poland, and Italy (and the Vatican). With the exception of Denmark (less than two hours from my hometown), I always went back consciously. Because I really wanted to see more.

So what is it about Italy specifically that keeps me going back? Well, there are three main reasons and they’re important things to know before traveling to Italy.

Every Region Is Unique

First of all, for much of its history, Italy was not one country. Like Germany, different states were united as one state in 1871. This means that traveling to different Italian regions feels a bit like traveling to different countries. My experiences in Milan differed from what I saw in Rome, Naples, or the Apulia region. The architecture, the food, the people, the lifestyle, and the atmosphere. They all change from one Italian region to the next. And that’s why I think it’s important to travel back to Italy to see the many nuances.

things to know before traveling to italy pin lemons and luggage

The truth of the matter is that Italy is simply beautiful in its diversity! The Amalfi coast is stunning with its colorful houses on the steep shores. And driving through Apulia, you see the pretty Trulli, stone huts with a cone roof. In Rome, you marvel at the remainders of the Roman Empire. (Check out my post on fun things to do in Rome.) Bologna is a foodie paradise. And Milan offers lovely bars along the Navigli canals. Gritty Naples and posh Milan have nothing in common with each other. And that’s exactly why I keep traveling to Italy – it has something for everyone!

milan university italy
No, this is not Jaipur, but the University of Milan.

There Is so Much to See

Italy is also one of the European countries with the richest history. There is simply so much to see in Italy. For example, even though I have been to Naples twice I have not yet seen the Vesuvius or Pompeii. Definitely a reason to go back there! And to think that I haven’t even been to cities like Florence, or Venice yet! Not going back to see these cities would mean missing out on so much!

trani cathedral apulia
The Trani Cathedral in the region of Apulia
view from the roof of milan cathedral

The Food Really Is That Good

Honestly, the food alone is a good enough reason to keep traveling back to Bella Italia. But for vegans, one of the things to know before traveling to Italy is that the vegan scene is fantastic. Italy is one of the main producers of vegan food products in Europe so it’s pretty easy and cheap to be vegan in Italy. I still believe that the reason for Italy’s vegan-friendliness is that the culture revolves so much around food. And vegans don’t want to miss out so they create all these amazing vegan alternatives.

So there you have it. Three things to know before traveling to Italy that explain why I keep traveling there.

​Have you ever been to Italy? Are you planning to go back? Let me know in the comments below.

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