It’s been two and a half years since we last heard a release from one of my favorite hip hop groups CunninLynguists, but they finally came out with a new EP. The Rose EP contains three tracks, which might be considered short even for an EP. However, as per usual, CunninLynguists put out a piece of art that is perfectly on point from the concept itself, to the lyrics, the artwork, and the production. As far as I‘m concerned, a three-track CunninLynguists EP is worth significantly more than a double album from many other  so-called artists.
Production, mixing, and mastering was done by Kno who delivers exactly what we have come to expect from him while the vocals come from Natti and Deacon the Villain with Kno being completely absent in the lyrics department. The illustration is brought to us from Geneva B whose artwork is reminiscent of Loish who created the cover art for CunninLynguist‘s last album “Oneirology” which came out in 2011.

As far as the lyrics go, The Rose EP is a commentary on social and political justice issues, such as racism and protests against police brutality. By now, we are all used to CunninLynguists having a clear theme in many of their releases, and for The Rose EP, this happens to be the color red. The group‘s second EP after The WinterFire EP from 2014 gives us hope for more EPs to follow with the official website being and clearly indicating two more EPs to follow based on the colors yellow and blue.

As anything coming from CunninLynguists, The Rose EP is a stunning piece of art, which, of course, has us wishing it was longer. While all three tracks are truly well-made, my personal favorite is “Red Bird” – another one of those impressive productions by Kno with painfully beautiful lyrics (“Sometimes not even a bird’s eye can see the devil’s details”).

1. Red, White & Blues
2. Riot!
3. Red Bird

You can stream The Rose EP for free on CunninLynguist‘s Bandcamp page or decide on your own how much you’re willing to pay to support this project.



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