Six Things I Love

These are some things that I’ve been loving lately.

​Beyond Skin Misty Boots in Camel

Okay, so the story of how I got these boots is worth an entire post of its own, but I don’t want to dwell on negative experiences. Let me sum it up by saying that I ordered them in the beginning of December and then waited for ages without getting them delivered. After a lot of back and forth with Beyond Skin and the courier, the courier informed me that they had “lost” the boots. Beyond Skin were kind enough to refund the order and even give me a discount for my next order. By then the boots were on sale, so I ordered them again. Beyond Skin sent them with a different courier this time, and in late January I finally got my boots. Oh, the joys of ordering online when you live in Greece. By the way, the original order was eventually marked by the courier as “delivered” – I would like to know to whom.
Anyways, these boots are probably the most comfortable winter boots I’ve ever owned. They are a bit big, so you can size down half a size or just wear them with thicker socks.
Beyond Skin is a British all-vegan footwear brand. All their products are manufactured in Spain on ethical terms, no child labor or anything of the sort here. They are a bit on the pricier side, but still affordable considering the quality.
The boots I own are faux suede and sheepskin. I stopped wearing heels years ago, so I was happy to find a pair of nice-looking flat boots. What I love most about these boots is that they are water resistant. Athens doesn’t usually get snow, but it can get very rainy in the colder seasons.

​Primavera Shea Butter

Primavera is a German brand selling body oils, essential oils, and natural and organic skin products. This pure shea butter is marketed as a body butter, but any woman with wavy or curly hair knows that there are only two main things we need for our hair – coconut oil and shea butter. As with many things, it’s extremely difficult to find shea butter in Greece. I have checked organic stores to no avail. This was the first time I saw shea butter being sold in Greece, so I had to have it. I use a little bit of it right after taking a shower to seal in moisture. Now in the winter when I blow-dry my hair, I’m noticing that it’s getting drier again, so I’m using shea butter to protect my hair before blow-drying. I will have to say that this product is completely overpriced. You can get unrefined shea butter in much larger quantities for the same price. Unfortunately, not in Greece.


This one is the most personal item on the list, but I love it immensely. After my father’s death a few months ago, we had his ashes put to rest at sea. Having a very creative sister means that I got this wonderful necklace for my birthday which has the coordinates of the sea burial engraved, as well as the quote “To be near you. To be free” from the Rod Stewart song “I am Sailing.” There is also a small anchor on the necklace to complete it. When you have a sister who comes up with an idea like that you don’t really need anything else in this world.

​Fouka Oxygen Mask

Fouka is a Greek organic skincare brand. It’s great to see so many small brands being created here in Greece that focus on natural and organic ingredients. The oxygen mask contains green clay for cleansing purposes. You just leave it on for five minutes and then rinse it off after which your skin feels really clean and refreshed.

​Apivita Essential Oils

Apivita is another natural cosmetics brand from Greece. You can find them in every pharmacy here in Greece. Essential oils are a great way to add a nice fragrance to your skincare. I used 100ml sweet almond oil as a carrier oil and added 10 drops of lavender and cinnamon essential oil each to create my new face oil. The combination of lavender and cinnamon may sound weird, but it’s absolutely amazing. I love both scents separately but, when combining them, you get something really wonderful.

​Walk Sweatpants

Walk is another Greek brand. They specialize in socks and underwear, also ones made of bamboo. In addition, they have a range of homewear. I own a pair of their sweatpants (for men, but who really cares) to wear around the house and sleep in. They are really comfortable and warm and perfect for the winter. Walk is a pretty small brand and produced entirely in Europe. I’m happy to be supporting the Greek economy by buying their products.

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