November Favorites

It’s been a while since I last made a favorites post so I thought I’d share my November favorites.

Fashion and Accessories

Compañía Fantástica Skirt in Pink with Black Dots

I’ve practically been living in this pink skirt this fall. I got it at a popular Greek department store and have been wearing it so much since then. It’s from a Spanish company called Compañía Fantástica which works with many suppliers that are certified by Sedex Global to ensure ethical practices. They are also 100% azo-free (azo-based dyes are known to be carcinogenic). I don’t usually enjoy shopping very much so the fact that I found this skirt by accident and am so in love with it was quite a big deal.

Bracelets from Ioannina

​I got two silver bracelets on my November trip to Ioannina. Ioannina is known for its silversmiths so silver jewelry is a common souvenir to get from this city in northern Greece. I checked many different stores in the old town but couldn’t decide which one of these two bracelets I should get which is why I have them both now. They both have different versions of the Nazar on them to protect against the evil eye.


Korres Black Pine Lifting Concealer

I’ve been trying to use more non-toxic and natural makeup products recently, but it’s still difficult to find products that are vegan and cruelty-free as well. Here in Greece, the selection is extremely limited, but one brand that you can find everywhere here is Korres as it’s a Greek brand. They focus more on skin and body care and have a large number of vegan products, but with regards to makeup, there is only a small variety of available products. In general, it’s been difficult to find a good concealer, but this new Korres black pine concealer is pretty decent. A little of the product goes a long way so the tube is probably going to last me quite a while.



I was such a Lost fan when the show first came out. I would ritually get up early before university or work to download the latest episode and watch it because I just needed to know what had happened (and also because I had to avoid Facebook like the plague whenever there was a new episode out that I hadn’t seen yet for some reason). I was among those who were very upset by the ending, but since that day I told myself I would have to re-watch the show in its entirety because it would be so different knowing how it would all play out. I never really got around to watching it as quickly as I wanted to, but I can proudly announce that I finally finished Lost for a second time this November. I am also no longer upset by the ending and have had to realize that I probably misunderstood it the first time. I do want to make this a more regular thing though because the second viewing was so great having been able to pay attention to specific details.

Luxembourg Video by Bacefi Ozawa

My favorite YouTube video of the month was probably the one my friend Bacefi Ozawa uploaded on his channel after his trip to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is one of those countries that we all know about but never really think of traveling to. If you know Spanish do check out the video and subscribe to the channel, but even if you don’t understand the language you will be blown away by how beautiful Luxembourg is.


Arte is a French and German tv channel which airs documentaries and films that focus on culture. I’ve always loved this channel, but the best thing is that a lot of its programs can be viewed online for several days now which much needed now that I live in Greece. You have to know either French or German to be able to follow the channel though.


Soyatoo! Milli Chocolate Drink

​My favorite vegan food item in November is a general favorite, but in November I’ve just been able to have it more frequently as it was in stock at my local vegan store. The Soyatoo Milli chocolate milk is so unbelievably amazing. It tastes exactly like the chocolate milk I remember drinking in my childhood. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to get a hold of here in Greece, so November was a special month where I managed to buy several packs of this amazing vegan chocolate milk.


Let me know your November favorites in the comments!

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