My Thoughts on the German Election Results

​For this week I had originally planned a short and simple post on the new Grieves album, but I think there are some words left to be said about the German election results. Nothing new really, and I will keep it very short as the results simply continue in the same direction of Brexit, Trump, etc.
What angers me personally, is the idea that the voters of alt-right parties and candidates are somehow the ones we should all feel sorry for. We are supposed to listen to them, understand them, ask them what we can do to make things right again. Excuse me?! These people are unwilling to accept the fact that our societies are becoming more diverse. They attack people both verbally and physically. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, we are supposed to feel sorry for them. People with this approach are not far from right-wing ideas themselves: If we look at the German election results, almost 13% of those who voted chose to vote against diversity. I like to call these people future perpetrators, and you will know why if you have read some of the statements AfD politicians have made. However, people like myself who have at least one parent who was not born in Germany or as a German citizen, represent 22.5% of the German population. Can you explain to me why on earth 12.6% racist voters need to be taken into consideration instead of 22.5% of the population who are directly threatened by the 12.6%? This shows that among the remaining 87% (and non-voters) there are several more who actually agree with the 12.6% – they don’t consider us, the 22.5%, part of Germany. That’s why our concerns and worries are not discussed in political talk shows. “Concerned citizen” is now a label that people use to hide the fact that our societies are full of racists. Excuses are being made saying that not every one of those voters is actually racist, they’re just protesting against the established parties. If you’re going to tell me if I vote for an environmentalist party I don’t care about the environment you’re ridiculous. People who dislike feminism are not going to vote for a feminist party out of “protest.” If you vote for a party full of racists it’s because you’re racist, end of story.

In any case, we’ve always known these people existed. They used to say these things behind closed doors. Now there are political parties that enable their racist attitudes and they feel ready to be more public about their views. This is nothing new and not something we’re going to end anytime soon. I also don’t care about trying to change those people’s attitudes, it’s not my job. What I care about is safety for my people. What I care about is that the majority that claims not to be racist finally accept that we are part of Germany, that we belong there, and that we are not going anywhere. We demand to be taken seriously and to be part of the political process and in how we all shape our society. Stop sucking up to the racists and protect your citizens of diverse backgrounds!


NEVER AGAIN FASCISM. This picture was taken in Hamburg’s leftist Karoviertel.

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