How to Use Oils as Part of Your Skincare

Facial oils are becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still insecure about whether or not to use oil as part of their skincare and, if so, which one. There are many articles detailing which oil is most beneficial for which skin type, but I wanted to give a general overview of some of the oils I have personally used and easy ways to use oils on the face.
​Jojoba oil is great for use on the face because it is very similar to sebum, the oil our skin produces. When you apply jojoba oil to your face your skin is led to believe that there is already enough oil and, therefore, it produce less oil. This will help to balance out oil production of the skin. Jojoba oil is technically a wax and contains antioxidants and fatty acids that protect and moisturize your skin. I use jojoba oil with a few drops of essential oils (lavender and cinnamon) to take off my makeup as it’s a lot more gentle than a conventional makeup remover and works just as well.

In the past, I have also used almond oil for the same purpose. It is a very light oil and is absorbed more readily while at the same time moisturizing deeply. A major plus of both almond oil and jojoba oil is that they don’t have a scent so they can be used very well for adding essential oils. If you’re sensitive to scent you can easily skip the essential oils, of course.

A popular way of using oils is the oil cleansing method which is an extremely gentle and efficient way to cleanse your face. While many women are afraid of using oil on their faces for fear of clogging pores the oil cleansing method has become more and more popular as some of the myths of the use of oils have been dispelled. You will need to massage the oil into your face for a few minutes and then cover your face with a washcloth that has been soaked in hot water. You’ll leave the washcloth on your face until it cools off, and then use it to softly wipe off some of the oil. Then you’ll soak the washcloth in hot water again and repeat the process a few more times. The idea is that, first of all, as like dissolves like, the dirt and oil on your skin will be attracted to the oil you apply and will, therefore, be removed, and the steam from the hot washcloth will help to open the pores. Afterwards, you may need to add a few more drops of oil to moisturize your face. I have to say that I haven’t been using the oil cleansing method since moving to Greece but have had great success with it in the past.

As far as adding essential oils goes, I would say you really have to experiment, but make sure not to overdo it as essential oils can be quite aggressive, especially if you have sensitive skin. I personally prefer to add about 10-20 drops to a 100ml bottle of my chosen carrier oil. I love lavender and cinnamon for their scents, and lavender is very helpful if you have breakouts but also when added to a moisturizing oil or serum. The most popular essential oil is probably tea tree oil which is used commonly to help fight blemishes. There are some essential oils, such as my beloved cinnamon or citrus essential oils, that can react with the sun so they are better used at night in order not to provoke any bad reactions in your skin.

In order to get the best results when using oils on your skin, you have to be patient and experiment a bit with different oils and the ratios in which you use them. There are oils that don’t have the best reputation as facial oils, such as coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil, but even these may work on your particular skin. Don’t take somebody else’s word for it! If you give your skin about two weeks of daily use you can see if an oil is right for you or not, and eventually, find the right oil for your skin. This is going to be a much cheaper and healthier alternative to any store-bought product you can find.

Have you ever used oils as part of your skincare? Let me know in the comments how it went.

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