December Favorites

I’m not a big fan of December despite the fact that it’s the month I was born. It marks the beginning of the winter, and I don’t care much for the cold. The only highlights of December are my birthday and New Year’s Eve. I did, however, manage to do some things and try some products that I really liked in December so here are my December favorites.

Miss Candyfloss – Tilde-Bo Coat

​As it was the beginning of winter and I also made a trip back to Hamburg, I needed a winter coat. I had read a review by Miss Amy May of this absolutely gorgeous Miss Candyfloss coat and just had to have the burgundy tweed one. I have long professed my love for this Swedish brand as one of my top four favorite fashion brands so it’s no surprise that I’m absolutely enamored with this coat. It’s true that it runs a bit large, but given that we tend to wear more clothes in the winter it’s actually good to have more space underneath the coat. I will, however, have to have an additional belt hole punched in eventually. This coat is so cozy and pretty, and finally, I have a coat long enough to wear skirts with. The only issue is that the belt is loose so you have to be really careful not to lose it.

Dr. Organic – Organic Virgin Olive Oil Hand & Nail Cream

​Winter is the season where my skin gets really dry, and I definitely must use hand cream at least once per day. Luckily, this olive hand and nail cream by Dr. Organic protects my hands from losing moisture. 

Lavera – Fine Loose Mineral Powder

​While in Germany, I went on a bit of a shopping spree for organic, vegan, non-toxic makeup, all by German brand Lavera. While I have been able to find some of their products here in Greece they’re so much cheaper in Germany, and there’s a lot more variety. I especially like their loose mineral powder. I get shiny quite easily, but using this powder and reapplying it after about four hours my face stays matte all day.

Lemon Water

Some weeks into December I finally went back to drinking lemon water again. I had completely forgotten about the benefits, but within a week of adding the juice of one lemon to a bottle of water daily, my skin cleared up significantly. This is definitely a habit have taken into the New Year with me.

Cat Earrings

​Earrings have always been my favorite jewelry item. While I was in Hamburg, my mom gave me these really cute cat earrings she had bought from an artisan on the Spanish island of Mallorca. They’re kind of Parisian, and what would be better for me than a combination of cats and my favorite city in the world?

Sun Protection Truths

​Thanks to YouTube which randomly suggests videos I found a video by Australian dermatologist Davin Lim in which he talks about the marketing scams of sunscreens. Turns out an SPF of more than 30 doesn’t really do anything for you other than make you pay more money. Definitely good to know! Dr. Lim has several other very interesting videos. (Did you know that moisturizer doesn’t actually add moisture to your skin but merely creates a barrier so your skin doesn’t lose any moisture?)
There are also two movies that I really liked in December:

The Last Jedi

I’m not one of those major Star Wars nerds that have their own expectations of what the movies should be like so I was able to enjoy “The Last Jedi.” My advice to anyone who grew up on the original Star Wars films is to watch the newer installments as separate movies that are merely based on the originals. That way you won’t be disappointed with the humor that many fans considered as being out of place.

How about how vegan-friendly this movie was? From showing what it really means to eat other creatures to freeing the animals that were used for racing, as a vegan, I couldn’t help but notice a subliminal animal-friendly message in “The Last Jedi” which made me like the movie even more.

Aus dem Nichts (In the Fade)

​Finally, I saw the latest Fatih Akın movie, “Aus dem Nichts” (English title: “In the Fade”) with Diane Kruger. I completely love almost all of Fatih Akın’s movies and consider him one of the most important directors of our time.

This movie was quite different from his previous ones and has a strong element of suspense to it, so my heart was racing for large parts of the film. It’s absolutely amazing, and I finally managed to see Diane Kruger as an actress and not just a pretty face.

What were your favorites in December? Let me know in the comments below!

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