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The 23 Best Greek Islands for Couples

Last Updated on August 21, 2022 by Nina Ahmedow

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Are you looking for a romantic vacation in Greece with your partner? Dreaming of “the Greek islands” but not sure which one? If you’re reading this post you’re probably asking yourself: “What’s the best Greek island for couples?”

There are thousands of Greek islands that differ quite a lot from one another in terms of landscapes, sights, price, and the number of tourists. There’s something about Greek islands that appeals to millions of people.

Although the most popular Greek islands are Santorini and Mykonos they’re not necessarily great for couples. Santorini has a romantic reputation for sure, but with that come huge crowds that make a sunset less of a private affair. Mykonos on the other hand is actually a party island. It does have its quieter side of course, but I wouldn’t consider it an ideal island for couples.

So to help you figure out the right island for you and your significant other, here are the best Greek islands for couples. If you’re one step further already and getting married I have a post on the best Greek honeymoon itinerary options as well. It does include popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos because I know people really want to see them, but there are also some more low-key options.

As someone who has been living in Greece for seven years now, I want to give you tips on the islands that Greeks would visit, and not the ones that are simply famous abroad. There’s no doubt that there is something for everyone on each of the Greek islands, but some are much better for a romantic getaway than others.

Before you book your trip to Greece make sure to check out my post on things to know before going to Greece. And if you’re vegan like me don’t forget to read my guide to being vegan in Greece so that you’re prepared in terms of how to find vegan food in Greece.

How to Get Ready for Your Trip

Note that not all Greek islands can be reached from abroad by plane. While some of them have international airports, others only have domestic airports. But given that many people want to see Athens as well on a trip to Greece that shouldn’t be an issue. In most cases, you will probably arrive in the capital and then go from Athens to the Greek islands. This is a good way to combine Athens and the Greek islands in one trip.

The best Greek islands with airports are Santorini, Naxos, Milos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Kythira, Kos, Astypalaia, Karpathos, and Chios. To find the best flights I recommend you check out flight comparison websites like aviasales, Omio, or Expedia. Or you can simply use Kiwi.com:

If you prefer to take the ferry you can also fly into Athens first and then take one of the numerous ferries to Greek islands from Piraeus, a port city in the metropolitan region of Athens (i.e. easy to get to).

On many of the Greek islands, your best way of getting around is a car or a motorbike. Check Rentalcars.com and BikesBooking.com for the best model for your needs.

One final comment before we get to the nicest Greek islands for couples: If we have learned anything since 2020 it’s that travel insurance is really important in today’s day and age where so much can happen. I’ll admit that I never took that seriously myself, but I’d now suggest always getting travel insurance before a trip. Insubuy has plenty of different options depending on your needs.

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The Best Greek Islands for Couples

All the different Greek islands have their own charm, but here are the ones I personally consider to be ideal for couples.


colorful houses by the sea surrounded by green trees on a hill
Photo by Mac McDade on Unsplash

Kefalonia easily belongs to the best of the Greek islands. This Ionian island entices you with its lush greenery, quite the opposite of the famous but barren islands in the Aegean. This makes Kefalonia a contender for the best Greek island for adventure. From sea kayaking and hiking to caving and jeep safaris, there are a lot of exciting activities in Kefalonia. If you’re into diving Kefalonia is one of the best Greek islands for scuba diving due to a British submarine from World War II which you can see up close.

Kefalonia is of course also one of the best Greek islands to visit for beaches. You can even rent a boat without a license so you can get to the beaches that are only accessible by boat. Myrtos Beach in the northwest of Kefalonia is one of the best Greek beaches for couples although it can get really busy in the summer, so it’s best to avoid July and August. However, Kefalonia is one of the best Greek islands in June so plan accordingly.

Kefalonia is one of the rather big Greek islands so it’s perfect if you have a lot of time to explore the different parts of the island. This full-day private tour is a great way to see the most important things in one day if you want an overview before returning to your favorite spots during the rest of your trip.

Where to Stay in Kefalonia

Located in a coastal village, Avithos Resort is one of the best places to stay in Greece for couples as it consists of several beautiful apartments surrounded by lush gardens. Another lovely choice is Trapezaki Bay Hotel with a very romantic setting and gorgeous views. Or you can stay at Kalypso Studios & Apartments where simple but traditional apartments will be your home away from home.


Although Zakynthos isn’t the party hotspot that is Mykonos it does have an active nightlife making it one of the best Greek islands for young couples who want to explore the island but also spend a night or two dancing. From the shipwreck beach to the blue caves, there is a lot to see on the island, but you can simply relax on the beaches as well. It’s truly one of the best places to go in Greece for couples who want a little bit of everything. So if you’re looking for the best Greek island for young couples Zakynthos is a fantastic choice.

The shipwreck beach definitely puts Zakynthos on the list of the best Greek islands for beaches as well. You can book this full-day tour that includes the shipwreck beach and the blue caves. At the same time, the nightlife in Zakynthos is still vibrant enough to make it one of the best Greek islands for students.

With plenty of exciting activities, Zakynthos is one of the best Greek islands for adventure tourism so you’ll really enjoy the island if you’re more active. You can choose from paragliding and diving and will be glad to know that Zakynthos is one of the best Greek islands for snorkeling. A great way to see some of the less accessible spots on the island is to book this off-road jeep tour.

With its own international airport that is also served by budget airlines, Zakynthos is one of the cheapest Greek islands to fly to so if you’re on a smaller budget take advantage of that.

Where to Stay in Zakynthos

If you would like a double room with a garden view then Atlantica Eleon Grand Resort & Spa is one of the best resorts in Greece for young couples. With checkout until 11:30 am you have enough time to rest after a final night of dancing. If you’re on a smaller budget Brunswick Villa Units still offer an amazing setting, a pool, and very cozy rooms. Another option that is perfect for couples is this Level 3 Sea View Studio with fabulous views from its stunning balcony.


I know I said before that I don’t think Santorini is the best Greek destination for couples. But it is considered one of the best Greek islands for honeymooners due to its incredibly romantic sunsets and views. So I’m including it on this list, but I want to be clear about the disadvantages as well. Keep in mind that the island gets extremely crowded during the summer months. If you visit off-season you not only get cheaper prices but also don’t have to stand next to hundreds of other people as you watch the sunset over the caldera.

At the end of the day, no matter how crowded and expensive Santorini can be it’s often seen as the best Greek island to visit for couples because of its panoramic views. It’s also one of the best Greek islands for weddings though you will have to spend a lot of money if that’s what you’re planning.

view of Santorini's white buildings
Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

If you’re vegan then Santorini is perhaps the best Greek island for food lovers with a fully vegan beach restaurant that opens from April to mid-October. And although Santorini doesn’t have the best beaches it’s still one of the best Greek islands for swimming simply because the views are like nowhere else. Likewise, Santorini is one of the best Greek islands for diving due to all the volcanic remnants as well as shipwrecks.

As you can see, the island clearly does have its advantages. Because of its well-developed tourism infrastructure, Santorini is one of the best Greek islands for first-timers to Greece. With all these amazing things going for it, it’s no wonder that Santorini is considered one of the best Greek islands to explore. If you want a private tour of the southern part of the island with a certified guide then book this tour to discover the south of Santorini. You can also book this photography tour for the most amazing photos!

If you want to save at least a bit of money consider Santorini one of the best Greek islands in November. It’s not as dead as many other tourist destinations, flights from Athens are extremely cheap, and it will be a lot less busy. All you have to keep in mind is that it won’t be a summer trip with the perfect weather and lots of time spent in an outdoor pool. But you’ll be rewarded with better photo opportunities due to the lack of crowds as well as be able to save money on everything else on the island.

Obviously, with its own international airport, Santorini is one of the easiest Greek islands to get to. But keep in mind that classy Greek islands like Santorini require a large budget if you plan on staying for longer, and Santorini definitely tops the list of the most exclusive Greek islands. But if you have the funds and go during the off-season don’t hesitate to book a trip to Santorini which, no matter what I say, is the best Greek island for couples according to millions of visitors.

Where to Stay in Santorini

When you go to one of the expensive Greek islands, such as Santorini, you splurge. One of the best Greek island hotels for couples would have to be Grace Santorini with its infinity pools. Another wonderful option is Volcano View Hotel Santorini which has three outdoor pools, an incredible sunset view, and offers relaxing massages. If you prefer to stay at an apartment rather than a hotel Bianco Diverso Suites are the right accommodation option for you. Located in the western part of the island it’s the right place to stay if you want some distance between you and the major tourist crowds.


Although it doesn’t have the international crowds, Milos has long been a local favorite for couples and families. But once the children go back to school the island is even less crowded which makes Milos the best Greek island for couples in September. As famous as Santorini is if you ask Greeks about the most romantic places in Greece they will tell you that Milos is not only the most romantic island in Greece but that it also doesn’t have any competition on the mainland.

What you won’t see here are crowds of partygoers. That’s why Milos belongs to the top Greek islands for couples who prefer nature over nightlife. The island is also undoubtedly home to some of the best Greek island beaches for couples.

Within Greece, there is no doubt that Milos is one of the most popular Greek islands for couples. But if on top of beautiful beaches you’re into magical landscapes then Milos is also one of the best Greek islands for walking and hiking. Book this geology and volcano tour to see the unique landscapes of Milos.

blue water and white beach
Photo by David Tip on Unsplash

For an even more fascinating view explore Milos by boat. You can rent this boat and head to some of the less busy destinations around the island. Milos is definitely one of the best Greek islands for sailing and generally one of the best Greek islands for outdoor activities due to its mesmerizing beauty.

Despite its popularity among Greeks the fact that it’s less known abroad makes Milos one of the best-value Greek islands with decent prices for accommodation. Don’t overlook one of the best unknown Greek islands among foreign visitors!

Where to Stay in Milos

If you’re looking for Greek villas for couples look no further than Mavrokastro in Adamantas. You get everything you could ask for such as wifi, a flat-screen tv, as well as air conditioning, and a patio on one of the most exotic Greek islands. En Milo is located in Pollonia in the northeast of the island, and with a quiet location for perfect sunset views, it’s a great place to stay if you’re looking for a studio or suite. Or you can stay at Nefeli Sunset Studios in a quiet setting with lovely views that allow you to relax.


Kythira isn’t very well-known among foreign tourists either, but locals love this island for its quiet atmosphere, clean beaches, and great hiking spots. Personally, it’s one of my favorite Greek islands to visit.

It’s one of the best Greek islands for families without being in any way noisy or crowded so couples won’t mind the families with young children here. Even the busiest beaches don’t see nearly the amount of visitors that beaches on more popular islands get, making Kythira perhaps the nicest Greek island for couples.

To get to all the best spots make sure you rent a motorcycle instead of a car as cars have trouble navigating the rugged terrain in the uninhabited parts of the island. In fact, doing so will make it possible for you to reach some completely secluded beaches. I’m actually convinced that Kythira is one of the best Greek beach islands because it has secluded ones, slightly busier ones, and even ones with extremely shallow waters.

Kythira might also be the best Greek island for older couples because of the slower pace of life here, the lack of a party scene, and the incredible opportunities to visit nature. So if you’re ready to explore one of the lesser-known Greek islands then Kythira should go on your list right now. Along with the other islands on this list, I truly believe it to be one of the best Greek islands for vacation if you’re traveling with your partner.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on one of the best Greek islands off the beaten track. As one of the best secluded Greek islands that is more popular among Greek rather than foreign tourists, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic experience.

Where to Stay in Kythira

If you’re ready to head to one of the more alternative Greek islands then all you need is the perfect accommodation to make this trip as amazing as possible. Kythira Golden Resort is located in Diakofti from where you can easily get to most of Kythira. It’s not far from the airport, and you’ll love Diakofti for its super shallow waters.

If you’re more interested in Kythira for its hiking and cycling opportunities and don’t want to stay by the sea DonQuihotel Chalet in Karvounades village is a beautiful option for you. The stone house has a backyard and a garden and provides bikes so you can explore the gorgeous area. If you’re planning to head to the most remote beaches staying at Romantica Hotel in Agia Pelagia is your best option. Located in the northeast of the island it’s the best area to base yourself in if you’re going to explore the island by motorbike.


Another one of the best Greek islands for older couples is Skopelos. No noisy crowds of party people will bother you here. It’s definitely one of the best Greek islands to stay in for the ultimate relaxing vacation. With few mentions on big travel blogs, Skopelos is one of the best underrated Greek islands. So if you’ve had enough of all the super cool Greek islands and want something a little less trendy head here. In terms of timing, Skopelos is one of the best Greek islands to visit in May when you will share the views with fewer other tourists.

If you loved the Mamma Mia! musical then you can visit the scene of the movie’s wedding church on this Mamma Mia island tour of Skopelos. But you can also try bird-watching on this Sporadic island. Note that tourism has caused some problems for the local population of monk seals so please try your best not to disturb them, and don’t venture out into areas that could be safe havens for this endangered species.

Although Skopelos depends entirely on tourism it’s important to keep in mind that the growing number of tourists also causes problems. My suggestion would be to use the bus when getting around and avoid renting a car as traffic and lack of parking spaces have been an issue. The more tourists depend on getting around by car the more of this beautiful island might have to be altered to accommodate all these cars.

Where to Stay in Skopelos

If I’ve convinced you that Skopelos is one of the best Greek islands to travel to then you’ll be wondering where to stay. One of the best resorts in Greece for couples is Adrina Resort & Spa. If you’re looking to stay in an apartment then O Stolios is a great choice in the capital where you can self-cater and relax in the garden or on the terrace. Or you can stay at Aegean Wave Hotel where you can expect exceptional views of the port from the terrace.


If you’re planning a couples’ trip to Greece and haven’t heard of Koufonisia yet then let me tell you that it should make its way onto your list of possible destinations. It’s one of the best vacation islands for couples due to its stunning beauty. Because it doesn’t get the enormous tourist crowds some other islands get Koufonisia is one of the best Greek islands for peace and quiet.

To be more precise, Koufonisia is actually a group of islands, and when people talk about vacationing there they usually mean Ano Koufonisi (Upper Koufonisi). In any case, it’s one of the best romantic Greek islands because it doesn’t have a long history of tourism and isn’t as easy to get to as some of the other islands. This is perfect for couples who want to see something new and different.

As one of the tiniest Greek islands, you can easily get around on foot so Koufonisia is a great option for those who are trying to be more eco-friendly and avoid more harmful ways of getting around. As tourism is replacing fishing as the main income source of Koufonisia the island might not remain as charming as it is for long so making a small effort like walking instead of driving is a great way to do your part in preserving this beautiful place.

Where to Stay in Koufonisia

If you want a central location in the main town with a modern twist on the Cycladic architecture then Aeris Suites is the perfect choice for you. You can even rent bikes here which makes exploring the surrounding area more fun. Palio Karnagio is another great option with great reviews. The apartment is located in the capital of Koufonisia and looks absolutely beautiful. Another excellent choice for couples is Ammos Studio a mere 100m from a beach. Whether you want to head to the port or eat out at restaurants or simply want to enjoy the sea view from the terrace you will absolutely fall in love with the place.


I’ll be honest, as much as I love the sea, I can’t sit on a beach all day. After an hour or two, I get extremely bored. With several options for hiking, Naxos is perhaps the best Greek island for active couples on this list. With a great combination of good tourism infrastructure, activities, and stunning beaches, Naxos is certainly one of the best Greek islands to vacation in.

While the famous Cycladic islands Santorini and Mykonos are extremely expensive, Naxos is a better option for those who are traveling on a budget. It’s one of the best cheap Greek islands to visit, and you can easily combine it with a trip to Santorini. Naxos is one of the best Greek islands near Santorini so you could spend a night in Santorini and then head to Naxos to spend the rest of your time on this cheaper island.

The Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Demeter also make Naxos one of the best Greek islands for sightseeing as there’s more here than beaches and the sea. Naxos is definitely one of the coolest Greek islands where you can chill and relax as well as explore. If you want to experience Greek island life at a slower pace Naxos is one of the best Greek islands in September. Schools are open again so you’ll generally see fewer tourists and more of the local life.

To learn more about the capital’s main sights book this Naxos Castle walking tour which takes place in the evening so you get the ultimate sunset views.

Where to Stay in Naxos

Looking for a place close to the beach but with access to restaurants and caf├ęs as well? Majestique of Naxos offers gorgeous apartments in the main town. It’s designed with the Cycladic architecture in mind but in a way that still feels modern and fresh. If you want to be close to the restaurant scene of the island Galaxy Hotel is an ideal choice for you. It’s super close to the beach and allows you to try all kinds of watersports activities as well.


The Cyclades are famous for being the best Greek isles for their well-established tourism infrastructure and the picturesque views of their villages. But Antiparos may be one of the islands you haven’t even heard about yet although, in fact, Antiparos is one of the best islands in Greece for couples. As one of the best low-key Greek islands, it’s one of the most fabulous places to explore nature and relax.

Make sure you visit the cave of Antiparos consisting of several different levels. The cave used to be a natural shelter even back in the Neolithic period. During the Second World War when Germany occupied Greece, parts of the caves were destroyed. Luckily, there has been a good effort to renovate the cave which is now one of the main sights on the island.

As Antiparos was ruled by the Venetians for several decades it also has a Venetian fortress you can visit. The houses in the fortress area are quite well-preserved though of course many changes have been made since the fortress was originally built, such as a church that was added later. The fortress area is also where you can shop for souvenirs.

Where to Stay in Antiparos

With special attention to weddings and honeymoons, Degaetas Resort is one of the loveliest Greek island resorts for couples. Another wonderful place is Statheros Garden, a very new and therefore modern accommodation option in Antiparos. It has a lovely garden and terrace and provides free parking as well. And then there is Kouros Village which has its own restaurant, bar, and pool. The beautiful rooms and gorgeous setting will make it easy for you to relax.


For the best Greek island vacation, look beyond the famous locations and consider Anafi east of Santorini. The sea is the same, but the prices and crowds certainly aren’t. Anafi is easily one of the best remote Greek islands for those who want peace of mind. If you’re curious about visiting some of the lesser-known islands in Greece then Anafi should definitely go on your list.

Want to relax and enjoy the beauty of a Greek island? Then Anafi is a top choice because it’s one of the great quiet Greek islands for couples with several sand beaches. And did you know that Anafi is one of the best Greek islands to see Greek and Roman ruins? These ruins are partially underwater adding a lot of mystery to your Anafi trip. Likewise, you don’t want to miss the Venetian fortress, the port, and the only village on the island.

The fact that Anafi isn’t one of the famous Greek islands to visit makes it even more suitable for those who want to experience something different. Whether you want to get around on foot, bus, motorbike, or car, this tiny mountainous island is a delight to visit. Note that it’s also one of the best affordable Greek islands, especially when compared to its expensive neighbor.

Where to Stay in Anafi

If you go to Anafi to truly experience a quiet and beautiful Cycladic island then you will have the best time ever at Golden Beach Resort Anafi, perhaps the best Greek resort for couples away from the crowded islands. For a fabulous view of the sea Villa Aigli, set in the barren mountains of Anafi, is another top choice. Or stay at Panselinos with its terrace and lovely garden and sea views.


One of the most famous Dodecanese Greek islands, Kos is an island that definitely makes it onto the list of best destinations in Greece for couples because it has a good tourism infrastructure. And although there is a well-developed nightlife scene on the island you can absolutely count on the beauty of Kos to experience some romance in Greece. For the ultimate sunset viewing experience book this bus trip to Mount Zia!

If you’re more into watersports then this scuba dive experience off the coast of Kos is a great activity to see the marine life. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are also popular activities on Kos. Plus there are several ancient Roman and Greek sites to see in Kos, so the island has activities for everyone.

Because the terrain is flatter than an island like Santorini Kos is also one of the best Greek islands for seniors or people with limited mobility. The best way of getting around is probably a rented scooter, although cars obviously offer more comfort especially if you’re not in your 20s anymore.

Where to Stay in Kos

White Rock of Kos is considered one of the best Greek resorts for couples due to its adults-only policy. It might even make Kos the best Greek island for adults. Another great adults-only option is Lango Design Hotel & Spa. It’s super close to the beach and has outstanding reviews. If you want to stay more inland and focus on hiking then Tramonto Villa is where you should stay. It’s located in a natural park making for stunning views and is still close enough to reach one of the many beaches in Kos by car.


One of the best Greek vacation spots is undoubtedly the Dodecanese island of Karpathos. But Karpathos isn’t simply one of the top Greek islands because of its ideal location between Crete and Rhodes. Due to this southeastern location, Karpathos is also one of the best Greek islands in April. While it may not be warm enough to swim yet, you will not share the island with many other visitors.

Karpathos has many beautiful beaches, both sandy and pebbled, and scuba diving and swimming are obvious activities. Note that many of the beaches have very deep waters, and it can get very windy, so be careful when going swimming. However, the winds also make Karpathos a great windsurfing spot, so if that’s one of your hobbies you’ll love the island.

Like in many Greek islands, a motorbike can be a better way of getting around than a car because they are less limited in how far they can go. Many of the roads are dusty paths and difficult to navigate in a car whereas an off-road motorbike will take you everywhere you want to go.

Where to Stay in Karpathos

One of the best hotels in the Greek islands is certainly Alimounda Mare in Karpathos. This luxurious 5-star hotel has an infinity pool, a gym, a spa, and even a tennis court. Althea Boutique Hotel is another great option close to plenty of beaches as well as the archaeological museum. You will see the prettiest views and have ample opportunities to relax. If you prefer mountain views as well as hiking and cycling options then Two Goats Villas is the right place to stay for you. This is the perfect place to escape your busy everyday life.


Could Folegandros be the best island in Greece for couples? With its lack of traffic and relatively low number of tourists, it’s certainly one of the best Greek islands for relaxing. It does have a few sites such as a folklore museum and an impressive cave to check out, but other than that it’s a simple and quiet Greek island with nothing but a few villages and a small port. The capital houses a Venetian fortress that is worth checking out.

The often-overlooked island is one of the best secret Greek islands, and because it’s not busy it’s a great place to get around by bike, although you can also take the local bus.

If you’re looking for the best untouched Greek islands then Folegandros is a must-visit for you. Note that Folegandros can only be reached by ferry, and because of the cliffs there are sometimes delays when the weather is less than ideal.

Where to Stay in Folegandros

Located inland but close enough to quickly reach a beach by car, Lemon Tree Houses is a fantastic accommodation option for you if you want to simply escape into a source of peace and quiet.

Another accommodation choice located inland is Anatoli which is situated on a hill allowing for breathtaking views of the sea. The studios are built in the traditional Cycladic style and all have a balcony. It’s the perfect quiet spot to relax.


Ithaca is easily one of the best quiet Greek islands for couples and perhaps the best Greek island for middle-aged couples. It’s quiet but not boring and still has a lot to offer its visitors. Together with Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Lefkada, it’s also one of the best Greek islands for island hopping (although I’m partial, I simply enjoy the Ionian islands most).

If you don’t want to rent a car Ithaca is one of the best small Greek islands to visit. It’s easy enough to get everywhere by taxi or bus and still see the most important sites and beaches. Ithaca is famous for being the home of Odysseus according to Homer, and there are several attractions on the island relating to Greek mythology, though not all of them are in good condition. However, due to its mountainous terrain, it’s a great island for hiking if you have a good fitness level.

Note that most beaches on Ithaca are pebble beaches, though I always feel like that also has its advantages (who wants sand all over their body and things?). Overall, Ithaca is one of the best hidden Greek islands in the sense that a lot of foreign tourists completely overlook it so you have more of it to yourself.

Where to Stay in Ithaca

Ithaca is still a bit more traditional than many other islands so why don’t you stay in a traditional apartment that gives you a feel for how the locals live? I also love apartments because having your own kitchen minimizes the money spent in restaurants. Aprilis Apartments in the north of the island offer a sea view and are close to a beautiful secluded pebble beach.

If you prefer to stay in the southern part of the island, Perantzada… 1811 is a great choice. It’s close to the port, the main museum, and several beaches, and offers excellent views. Somewhat on the way between those two choices, you will find Lefki Villas with fabulous views, an outdoor pool, a garden, and a short distance to the beach.


pretty village houses by the sea
Photo by Alex Abazis on Unsplash

When talking about the best Greek islands to visit for couples Chios isn’t often mentioned, but it certainly should be. At the very least, it’s one of the best Greek islands for history lovers. Its medieval villages are a delight to explore as is the monastery Nea Moni, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Chios is not one of the typical romantic islands for couples but its rustic charm is perfect if you’re looking for something more traditional. Chios is also one of the biggest Greek islands so you really won’t get bored here no matter how long you stay.

If you’re not a fan of the heat then consider traveling to Chios in the off-season. It’s actually one of the best Greek islands in winter because it’s not reliant on tourism and, as such, doesn’t die down in the winter. Famous for its citrus fruits which are in season in winter, a trip to Chios in the colder season will be a very rewarding one, although it can get rainy.

As one of the eastern Greek islands, it has a completely different vibe than the ones in the Ionian Sea. Note that many of the beaches in Chios are pebble beaches so you may prefer going to organized beaches. Due to its size, Chios is one of those Greek islands that are best explored by car.

Where to Stay in Chios

Mastixi is close to the port of Chios, and as such, it is also close to restaurants and little shops. The traditional stone and wood decorations add a particularly cozy feeling to your stay. If you want to find out more about the mastic that Chios is famous for you should stay in the Mastichochoria (mastic villages). Lida Mary is a hotel in an old stone-built house in the mastic village of Mesta which has kept its medieval character alive to this day.

If you want access to the mastic villages as well as the sea then Emporios Bay Hotel & Apartments should be your accommodation choice. It’s located merely a few meters away from the famous black pebble beach, and with this prime location, it’s one of the top places to stay in Chios.


This Ionian island might be the best place to go in Greece for young couples due to its exciting watersports activities (it’s one of the best Greek islands for kitesurfing), nightlife, and lack of over-tourism. Due to the lovely climate, it’s also one of the best Greek islands for September.

You may wonder why I added so many islands in the Ionian Sea, but to be honest, choosing the best Ionian Greek islands is impossible, they’re all amazing! If you’re into Homer’s Odyssey you might like to know of a theory that says the home of Odysseus, Ithaca, is actually the island of Lefkada! This theory was never proven, and we will probably never find out if Odysseus ever really existed, but it’s nonetheless fascinating to know that people actually study this subject.

Like Naxos, Lefkada is one of the best Greek islands to visit on a budget which will suit younger couples particularly well. With so many beautiful Greek islands to visit it can be difficult to choose the right one, but if your budget is an issue consider Lefkada. In any case, Lefkada is definitely one of the best unspoiled Greek islands that are nonetheless easy to get to.

Where to Stay in Lefkada

With access to activities like scuba diving, cycling, and trekking, as well as its own bar and outdoor pools with pool bars, San Nicolas Resort Hotel might be one of the best Greek resorts for young couples. Want to rent your own little house with a private pool? This Vrbo rental in the south of Lefkada is ideal if you want to relax away from the crowds but still have easy access to a village to do your shopping. Located in the north of the island, Monika Lefkada is a great quiet option with a garden and a lovely sea view.


As you can see I generally consider the best places in Greece for couples to be the ones that aren’t overly popular abroad. That’s because they’re usually less crowded, allowing for a much more romantic trip than islands like Mykonos or Crete. If you’re wondering which Greek island is best for couples you should definitely put Astypalaia on that list.

Astypalaia is another one of the cheapest Greek islands to visit with budget accommodation options, especially when compared to other Aegean Greek islands. The butterfly-shaped island is also one of the best undiscovered Greek islands among foreign visitors.

There are various gorgeous beaches on Astypalaia including sandy and rocky beaches, beaches that are easily accessible, and ones that can only be accessed by boat or a motorbike. But Astypalaia also has more sites than some of the other Greek islands, including museums, a Venetian fortress, picturesque windmills, cute villages, as well as monasteries and churches.

Where to Stay in Astypalaia

For the ultimate adults-only experience book a stay at Chrysalis Boutique Hotel! This gorgeously designed hotel in the capital offers breathtaking sea and castle views, a garden, and a terrace. If you want to stay in your own villa close to the beach and with a pool Mouras Resort Luxury Maisonette Villas are a great choice for you. It’s the perfect place to simply relax and do nothing. Or you can stay at Korali, located on a hill, not far from the beach with great views of the sea and the fortress.


If you’re looking for a very quiet and underrated island then Kimolos can be considered the best place in Greece for couples. It’s so quiet and cozy that you won’t even be able to rent a car or scooter on the island! However, that’s for the better as tons of cars arrive by ferry each summer which leads to problems, for example, due to the lack of parking spaces. To not add to the problem, try to get around by bus or taxi.

With very few things to actually do on the island, Kimolos is the perfect spot to simply relax on the beach, go for a stroll when it’s not too hot, or go snorkeling. In fact, there are some ancient ruins to discover close to Ellinika beach, a beach that has both sandy and rocky sections.

Aside from that, you can visit the Archaeological Museum as well as the Castle of Kimolos. But really, the small size and population of the island make it great for simply taking each day as it comes. With its relaxed atmosphere, Kimolos is one of the best Greek islands to go to if you want a stay that is as traditional as possible.

Where to Stay in Kimolos

If you want access to a beach and a swimming pool then Thalasea Kimolos is the perfect place for you. It’s a bit of a walk from the main town which is great for feeling secluded from the rest of the world, but keep that in mind if you want to do a lot of exploring. Another option is Argilily Studios where you can expect really large rooms and access to some of the best beaches on Kimolos. For an accommodation option in the island’s capital consider Kimolos Houses with wonderful views and only walking distance from the village and the port.


For more active couples, Sifnos is a great destination as it’s the best Greek island for hiking that isn’t extremely busy yet. With its Folk Art Museum, citadels, Archaeological Museum, and churches it’s also one of the best Greek islands for culture without being too overwhelming. Sifnos is definitely one of the best islands to visit for couples who want something that goes beyond the typical tourist experience.

The calmer lifestyle on the island also makes Sifnos one of the best Greek islands for elderly couples who want a combination of culture and nature. But that doesn’t mean that Sifnos isn’t also one of the best Greek islands for 20-somethings. It all depends on your taste – but don’t expect an intense nightlife scene here.

Although June starts to get really busy in Greece, Sifnos is a bit of an exception making it one of the best Greek islands to visit in June. That’s great for your bank account as well because prices in June are usually quite a bit lower than in July or August.

Due to its location, Sifnos is one of the best Greek islands to visit from Athens. While you can reach many islands by plane Sifnos is really close even by ferry. The trip takes only about two hours, and with Sifnos being one of the cheaper Greek islands, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a trip here either.

Where to Stay in Sifnos

There’s no doubt that Verina Astra is one of the best hotels in Greece for couples. It’s a quiet, luxurious hotel with gorgeous views from the beautiful terraces. Niriedes Hotel is another option with a beautiful view and an outdoor pool perfect for relaxing. For a Cycladic-style hotel book your stay at To Koralli with views of the garden and sea, easy access to the beach, as well as restaurants, and great hiking options.


Some of the most romantic spots in Greece can be found on this stunning island. Alonnisos is a great choice if you’re looking for the best quiet Greek island for couples. It’s the least touristy island of the Sporadic islands and one of the best Greek islands for hiking.

Here, you can still observe the traditional life on a Greek island in the different villages. From the southern port village of Patitiri you can even hike up to the capital of the island from where you have lovely views due to its setting up on a hill. For an even deeper look into the island, check out the Historical and Folklore Museum of Alonnisos.

For activities near the water, you can of course go scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Due to the superior quality of the water here, these things are particularly rewarding experiences. The protected species of monk seals lives in the sea caves of Alonnisos, so please try not to disturb them.

You will most likely need to rent a car or motorbike to get around Alonnisos, as the buses only run during the height of the summer. Of course, you can also always get a taxi.

Where to Stay in Alonnisos

I promise it’s not because of its name that I’m suggesting Casa Nina. This guest house with lovely sea views is located near the port and has access to the beach and several restaurants. The beautifully decorated rooms are modern but have a traditional element. In fact, the beds are actually handmade!

For an exclusive, luxurious vacation book a stay at The Infinity 180 Luxury Suites located in an olive grove but with beautiful sea views. Enjoy the pool or spa before you go to bed on Coco-Mat mattresses. If you’d rather stay in the old town of Alonnisos Evilio is the perfect place for you. It has a garden and is the perfect home for avid hikers.


If you ask my former co-worker then Iraklia is one of the most romantic islands in Greece. It gets very few international tourists making it a special destination and one of the best islands for couples. With a population of less than 150, you can be sure that this small island is one of the best relaxing Greek islands away from the noise of a big city.

Make sure you visit the Agios Ioannis cave in the southwest of the island and have a look at the fantastic stalactite and stalagmite formations. There are also a few churches that are worth visiting on the island and interesting sights to behold when scuba diving. But aside from that simply take the time to relax. Iraklia is still one of the best non-touristy Greek islands so cherish that before it gets too busy.

Where to Stay in Iraklia

Villa Meltemi is located in the northern part of Iraklia and has wonderful sea views and a lovely garden. With free parking, you can be sure to be able to visit all the interesting parts of the island and head out for hiking and snorkeling trips. For a beautiful Cycladic guest house book a stay at Speires which offers great views in a pretty setting. And then there’s Alexandra Studios, a magical place with a pretty garden and terrace.


If you like extremely hot, dry summers Symi is the best place to visit in Greece for couples. It’s one of the best Greek islands for exploring because it has plenty of landmarks. From the colorful neoclassical buildings in the capital to the marvelous beaches and simple landscapes, there is something unique about this island. The pastel-colored houses in Ano Symi might lowkey make Symi the most beautiful Greek island for couples to dream about a future house together.

There are several things to see on the island, such as a monastery, several churches, and a fortress, but Symi is also a great island for hiking and walking, provided you don’t visit in the summer. Note that despite the island’s popularity, Symi doesn’t have an active nightlife. So for one of the best authentic Greek islands make your way to Symi!

To get around you will want to rent a car or motorbike as these are the best options to also get to the beautiful beaches.

Where to Stay in Symi

To stay at the most wonderfully decorated place ever book a stay at Castello Venetsiana! This stunning stone building with its elegant and colorful interior is located near the port and has a garden as well as a kitchen if you prefer to self-cater. A Symi Residences is another beautiful hotel with a lovely sea view and a cozy atmosphere. If you prefer views of the colorful capital then Myrtia is another great place to stay.


Amorgos is one of the best Greek islands to visit regardless of whether you’re a couple or not. It’s also one of the best Greek islands for backpackers and has some cool hiking opportunities. So if you’re traveling on a lower budget you may want to include the island on your trip to Greece. Because it’s a bit more difficult to get to than some of the other islands on this list it gets less busy making it one of the best Greek destinations for couples who want to be away from the crowds.

In many ways, Amorgos combines a lot of the pros of some of the other islands. It is an excellent hiking location, has a shipwreck off the coast, is home to a fascinating monastery, and yet it’s a pretty low-key Greek island. So if you want something quieter then Amorgos is one of the best Cyclades islands for couples.

Visit the Folklore Museum and Archaeological Museum to learn more about the traditions of Amorgos and the island’s history, but know that the best thing you can do to get to know the island is to visit the different villages and interact with the local population. You can get around the island by bus, though, as always, renting a car or, better yet, a motorbike allows you to get to more secluded spots and beaches.

Where to Stay in Amorgos

For an interesting mix between sleek and rustic design elements in a Cycladic style consider staying at Kaerati Apartments. Located quite centrally, near the port, it allows you to self-cater with a kitchenette but is also close enough to restaurants for when you want to eat out. Note that the amazing view is made possible by its location so you will have to climb up quite a few stairs every time you get back to your apartment.

Another option is Villa Le Grand Bleu which is only a few minutes’ walking distance from the beach. Finally, you can also choose to stay in Kykladonisia Amorgos with its balconies and sea views. It is built in a Cycladic style which makes your trip all the more authentic.

So there you have it, a list of the best Greek islands couples should visit. As you can see all the Greek islands mentioned here have something going for them. These islands undoubtedly belong to the best parts of Greece for couples due to the picturesque views, romantic sunsets, and gorgeous beaches.

What do you consider the best place to go in Greece for couples? And is there anything else you want to know about the Greek islands?


  • Reply
    Lily Fang
    August 15, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    Kythira sounds like the best place for me to go for the hikes! I remember your lovely Instagram photo of the beach there. I’d be nervous about renting a motorcycle though since I’ve never ridden one haha.

    Also, I didn’t realize that many islands were experiencing problems due to the huge volume of tourist cars. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for when I finally get to Greece one day!

    • Reply
      Nina Ahmedow
      August 16, 2021 at 10:54 am

      Kythira is such a wonderful island, you’d love it! But it’s really difficult to get to the secluded beaches if you don’t have a motorbike.

      And yes, overtourism is a serious issue on many of the islands. If you consider that many islands have a population of less than 1,000 but get far more tourists each season it becomes clear that the local infrastructure really can’t handle it. The bigger and more famous islands are usually fine though.

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