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The Best Greece Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas (1, 2, or 3 Weeks)

Last Updated on August 21, 2022 by Nina Ahmedow

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Greece has been a popular destination for honeymooners for quite some time. But with thousands of islands and an equally interesting mainland, you’re probably wondering where to honeymoon in Greece. So how do you know what to put on your Greece honeymoon itinerary? Well, I’m here to help. I’ve been living in Greece for seven years and have decided to create a honeymoon in Greece itinerary for you. But then I realized that not everyone has the same amount of time to spend in Greece, so I put together three different itineraries.

Here are some Greek honeymoon ideas based on how much time you have. And if you’ve never been to Greece before make sure to check my post on what to know before going to Greece. That way, you’ll make the most of your honeymoon. And now on to the best ideas for Greece honeymoon trips.

Greece Honeymoon Itinerary 7 Days – Athens and Ionian Islands

There are more 1-week honeymoon ideas than I can list here, so let’s start with one. The shortest Greek honeymoon itinerary is for those who only have a week in Greece. Whether you’re going on your Greece honeymoon in February, for Valentine’s Day, or at any other time of year, this will definitely be the best honeymoon itinerary if you’re short on time.

If you’re looking for affordable honeymoon getaways you may have to skip the popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, but there are other options! Here’s your Greece 7-day itinerary, but keep in mind that this is merely a suggestion. You can easily combine some of the other suggestions in this post to create your own itinerary.

Athens (2 Days)

Start your Greece one-week itinerary in Athens and make your way to two other Greece honeymoon spots from the capital. There are plenty of things to see and do in Athens and although it’s by no means a beautiful city it has a ton of history, plus some really cute photo ops as well.

What to Do in Athens

There is no shortage of things to do in Athens. From visiting the Acropolis and other ancient sites to checking out the impressive museums, you can expect to be amazed by everything the Greek capital has to offer. If you’re looking for a guided tour of the Acropolis note that most of them don’t include the rather expensive entrance tickets. This 3-hour tour of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum includes all tickets as well as a professional guide.

But Athens isn’t only ancient history. The city has a vibrant modern side in neighborhoods like Exarcheia and Psirri. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Greek culture these dance lessons followed by a show are the perfect way to learn more about Greece.

If you’re vegan you won’t have to starve in Athens, there are plenty of vegan restaurants in the city.

Beautiful Athens, Greece Honeymoon Hotels

Athens Mansion Luxury Suites: Located in the heart of Athens only 400m from the bustling Monastiraki Square, Athens Mansion Luxury Suites are a perfect choice for newlyweds. The neoclassical building has four elegant rooms and suites you can choose from (I like the mansion corner suite with a balcony).

Coco-Mat Athens BC: Coco-Mat is a Greek company that makes natural sleep products such as beds, mattresses, linen, and pillows, but they also have four elegant hotels in the Athens area. Coco-Mat Athens BC is located close to the Acropolis making for particularly dreamy views.

A77 Suites by Andronis: Nestled in the most beautiful Athenian neighborhood, Plaka, this small luxury hotel welcomes guests in twelve different suites. The restored neoclassical building represents the two contrasting sides of Athens: antiquity and modernity.

Corfu (2 Days)

Although Corfu is quite a popular destination, it has not turned into a honeymoon favorite yet. The reason I’m including Corfu and Zakynthos in this one-week itinerary is that while the Cycladic islands (see three-week itinerary) are extremely popular and have that amazing white and blue architecture, the landscapes are quite dry and not everyone’s thing.

If you’re more into lush greenery with equally beautiful turquoise waters then the Ionian islands are a better choice for you.

What to Do in Corfu

I have a whole post on the best things to do in Corfu so check that out for more details. All of those are located close to the capital Corfu which, despite all the beautiful beaches, is my favorite part of Corfu. It’s so different from the rest of Greece and worth exploring in depth. If you’re into guided tours book this Corfu ghost stories and legends night tour!

For an unforgettable honeymoon experience book this double paragliding ride experience which allows you to see Corfu and Albania from the sky!

Fabulous Corfu, Greece Honeymoon All-Inclusive Resort

Karaiba Sandy Villas: This 5-star hotel is an adult-only resort where you can enjoy your own private villa. A blue flag beach is only 800m away, and you can easily reach other points of interest, such as Corfu Town, from the resort.

Zakynthos (3 Days)

What to Do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is perhaps most well-known for the shipwreck beach which is also featured in the pin for this post. In fact, Navagio Beach, as it is called, is considered one of the best beaches in Greece. It can only be reached by boat, but due to its internet popularity, it gets busy during high season.

For the best sunset spots book this South Zakynthos evening road trip with a guide who really knows the island.

If you want something a little more adventurous this ATV safari might be the perfect thing for you. It will expose you to the island’s magnificent landscapes, secluded beaches, and fantastic views.

The Best Zakynthos, Greece Honeymoon Stays

Olea All Suite Hotel: This 5-star hotel located on a hill is surrounded by olive trees and not far from the capital of Zakynthos. Allowing only children from 12 years old, it’s a great choice for a honeymoon if you don’t want to be surrounded by families with small children.

Lesante Blu: A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Lesante Blu is located right by the sea giving you magnificent views. This 5-star luxury resort has infinity pools, a secluded beach, and an amazing spa, and is adults-only.

Zante Maris Suites: Another adult-only luxury accommodation option on Zakynthos, but this one with a natural and minimalist approach to architecture. The outstanding service and beautiful pools will ensure that you enjoy your honeymoon to its fullest.

As you can see, Greece is a great option when it comes to 1-week honeymoon destinations. Corfu and Zakynthos are generally more affordable beach honeymoon destinations than the popular Santorini and Mykonos.

2-Week Greece Honeymoon Itinerary – Athens, Milos, Rhodes

If you’re looking for a Greece two-week itinerary you’re in luck. With two weeks at your disposal, you can of course spend more time at these Greece honeymoon locations than with only one week. Check out this Greece vacation itinerary for two weeks if you’re considering Greece as a honeymoon destination.

This is only one of many possible 2-week honeymoon ideas, but you can add to it if you want. I’m sticking to three destinations here because you should still have time to relax. Rhodes is quite a large island, and Milos is a great place to relax so you won’t regret spending more time there.

Athens (2 Days)

Let’s start off the best Greece 2-week itinerary with your arrival in Athens. It’s the one place from where you can reach all Greece honeymoon places. You will find all the details in my section on Athens above.

Milos (6 Days)

It simply wouldn’t be possible for me to create a post on spending your honeymoon in Greece without listing Milos as one of the destinations. Although the island isn’t very famous among international travelers, in Greece it has a reputation for being the perfect couples’ island. Its white sandy beaches and incredible landscapes attract Greek couples who want to spend a romantic vacation away from the party crowds.

What to Do in Milos

With six days in Milos, you really have time to see a bit more of this magical island. To see the magnificent geology of Milos book this geology and volcano morning tour. If you’re into something more active this kayaking tour will allow you to see the fabulous landscape of Milos from a different perspective. Or you may even want to rent a boat and travel around all by yourself.

Milos, Greece Honeymoon Accommodation Options

Artemis Deluxe Rooms: The hotel is located on a beach in southern Milos and features minimalist, elegant architecture that fits well with the Cycladic style. Whether you want a sea view, a garden view, a private pool, or a hot tub, there are some fantastic choices at Artemis Deluxe Rooms.

Nirome Luxury Suites: This peaceful and luxurious accommodation option is perfect for honeymooners due to its quiet atmosphere, beautiful sea views, and natural design.

Milos Cove: If you’re ready to splurge on your honeymoon this luxury resort is the perfect place to stay in Milos. The exclusive hideaway oozes elegance and has a private beach inviting you to take in all the beauty of the island.

Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel: The 4-star boutique hotel offers guests exquisite sea views and sunsets. Relax during your stay in Milos, and begin your life together in a beautifully designed and calm hotel.

Rhodes (6 Days)

What to Do in Rhodes

The Old Town of Rhodes is home to a medieval walled fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you absolutely shouldn’t skip this during your time on the island. There are also plenty of castles to be found on the island, such as in the popular town of Lindos. Both Lindos and Rhodes Town also have their own Acropolis worth visiting.

Although many tours you can book online include the so-called Butterfly Valley, please skip this, as the masses of tourists have actually led to a dramatic decline in the butterfly population. (Which also means you probably won’t get to see that many anyway.)

Where to Stay on Your Rhodes, Greece Honeymoon

The perfect Greece itinerary for honeymooners must be accompanied by amazing accommodation.

Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel: With so many things to see in the capital of Rhodes spending a few nights at this hotel located in the town will make it easier for you to see all the sights without having to rush. This is an adults-only hotel so you won’t have to worry about loud families.

Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel: If you want to stay in Rhodes Town, but still want access to the beach, the town’s only 5-star beachfront hotel is perfect for you. This historic hotel is close enough to all the main sights so you can explore them on foot, but still offers the relaxation of a resort.

3-Week Greek Islands Honeymoon Itinerary – Athens and Cycladic Islands

There are many possible 3-week honeymoon ideas in Greece, but everyone wants a Greece island itinerary so I’ll cover this here. If you’re looking for a Greek island honeymoon itinerary this Greece 3-week itinerary is perfect, and of course it includes Santorini as well as Mykonos. In three weeks, you can easily visit these top Greece honeymoon destinations and more. But since these islands can get quite expensive I’m also including more affordable honeymoon destinations in Greece.

Athens (2 Days)

Please refer to the section on Athens above for all the details.

Santorini (2 Days)

Asking what the best place to honeymoon in Greece is can lead to a ton of different answers. Santorini is popular for being one of the best Greece honeymoon destinations, and the ideal Greece itinerary for newlyweds will include a few days here. If you’re looking for a luxury Greece honeymoon you’ll definitely get it in Santorini. With direct flights from Athens, you won’t even have to worry about losing hours on the ferry, and flight tickets are often cheaper as well.

Now you may think that flying has a horrible environmental impact, but if you read this post about traveling to Spain by ferry you’ll see that ferries might potentially be worse than planes. I’m not saying planes don’t have a negative impact, but as I mentioned in my post on flight shaming there are much worse industries out there, and it seems odd that people who don’t criticize the fashion or animal agriculture industries focus so much on air travel. Taking that into account, plus the hours you’ll lose on the ferry and the money you’ll spend I personally don’t think it’s entirely wrong to fly from Athens to Santorini.

What to Do in Santorini

There is no doubt that Santorini is a breathtakingly beautiful island. But be aware that it’s not a great island if you’re looking to spend time on the beach. Rather, Santorini is best for scenic walks through the villages and the fabulous views over the island and life-changing sunsets. Here’s a little tip: Since Santorini isn’t the ideal destination for a beach holiday skip the hot, expensive, and super busy summer months. Late September is when Santorini becomes a better option for more affordable honeymoon ideas.

For an affordable day trip, book this volcanic islands cruise with a visit to the hot springs. If you’re not keen on going on a cruise with several other tourists you can also rent your own boat without a license.

For the perfect honeymoon memories book this private photoshoot with a flowy dress. I’ll admit that I’m not usually a fan of the typical flowing dress pictures on Instagram, but perhaps for Santorini, an exception is okay. Those photos do look good! If you’re not staying in Oia book this private panoramic tour of Oia to see all the stunning views.

Make sure you avoid riding donkeys on Santorini, as it’s a very cruel way to get around when there’s a modern cable car available. For more info, check out my post on why donkey riding is unethical.

Amazing Santorini, Greece Honeymoon Suites

Dana Villas & Infinity Suites: You can’t go to Santorini and not stay in a honeymoon pool suite like the one at Dana Villas & Infinity Suites. The romantic sunset views over the caldera from inside the infinity pool are the epitome of a honeymoon trip to Greece.

Astra Suites: Luxury is at the heart of what Astra Suites offers newlyweds. The honeymoon suite has an indoor pool and scenic views of the caldera from a private terrace. In the low and mid-season, the pool is heated.

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa: Santorini Secret Suites & Spa offers a choice of 17 suites and one villa with private pools or hot tubs. The honeymoon suite has a heated outdoor pool on the large terrace. For the ultimate relaxation, get pampered at Harmonia Spa.

Naxos (5 Days)

Naxos is a great island for those who want to have a more active honeymoon and spend their time exploring. It’s the greenest of the Cycladic islands with ample opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.

What to Do in Naxos

Naxos is rather large compared to the other Cycladic islands so there’s a lot to see and do here on your honeymoon. For an introduction to the most important sights in the capital book this Naxos Castle walking tour with a sunset at the Portara. The local guide will tell you everything you want to know about the island’s Venetian past, and you will get to see incredible views and take fantastic photos.

If you’re more into water sports join this scuba diving experience to see the marine life of Naxos. This experience is perfect for beginners so why not start life as a married couple by learning how to dive?

For a culturally immerse activity, you should book this marble carving course (Naxos marble used to be some of the most used in Ancient Greece). That way you’re also creating your own souvenir to take home!

The Best Naxos, Greece Honeymoon Accommodation Options

Naxian Collection: The luxury villas and suites of Naxian Collection offer an authentic Cycladic stay where you can start a beautiful life together. The architecture is based on the traditional style, and there are a few measures in place to make Naxian Collection more sustainable, such as solar water heating and a garden that doesn’t use pesticides.

Naxos Euphoria: If you don’t have a high-end budget, but still want the aesthetic Naxos Euphoria is the perfect place for you. With gorgeous sea and mountain views and peaceful surroundings, the suites will make sure you have the happiest honeymoon possible.

Naxian Utopia: These luxury villas and suites have received several awards, and it’s not difficult to see why. From the serene and secluded location to the impressive pool area, everything about Naxian Utopia invites you to relax.

Naxos Island Hotel: This 5-star boutique hotel features a swimming pool on the roof with gorgeous views, beautifully arranged rooms, and access to the beach. It was built according to the traditional Cycladic style with every room representing a Naxian village.

Mykonos (3 Days)

Mykonos is a popular choice for foreign tourists coming to Greece including newlyweds. It’s important to know that the main thing Mykonos is known for within Greece is the nightlife with its excessive parties. (Mykonos is also a hotspot for rich, young, and beautiful members of the LGBTQ+ community.)

That doesn’t mean that Mykonos isn’t suitable for a honeymoon trip as there’s a more quiet side to the island, particularly off-season. For starters, as opposed to Santorini, Mykonos actually has quite a few sandy beaches if you’re looking to relax on the beach.

What to Do in Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for its white-washed houses and the iconic windmills.

The sunsets in Mykonos are extraordinarily beautiful. But to see more of Mykonos than the average tourist book this Mykonos car tour which takes you to many wonderful places on the island and includes GoPro photos for the perfect memories.

Wonderful Mykonos, Greece Honeymoon Resorts

Santa Marina Resort & Villas: Santa Marina is a Luxury Collection Resort and has the only private sandy beach in Mykonos. You can choose from 101 rooms and suites and 13 villas with beautiful views, infinity pools, and a spa.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort: The elegant Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort has 96 rooms and suites to choose from, some of which come with a private pool. There’s a spa and a restaurant, but if you’re vegan check out this vegan Greece guide to find out which foods are vegan-friendly.

Myconian Avaton Resort: All rooms and suites at this resort have a balcony or a terrace, and many have an infinity pool or a jacuzzi. What’s really special about this place is that it’s built into the rocks of Elia Beach.

Paros (5 Days)

Paros is another relatively large island which is why I’m allocating five days to it. Remember that you can easily change this itinerary to suit your own interests.

What to Do in Paros

From beautiful beaches to the picturesque villages of Naoussa and Lefkes, Paros has a lot to offer visitors.

If you didn’t manage to do the photoshoot in Santorini or simply want another one book this private photoshoot on Paros to add to your collection of beautiful honeymoon memories.

Watersports are another popular way to spend your days in Paros. But most of all, use the last third of your honeymoon to simply relax.

Amazing Paros, Greece Honeymoon Hotels

Summer Senses: The rooms and suites at this luxury resort invite you to spend your honeymoon in Paros with the highest level of relaxation possible. Located right by the beach, Summer Senses offers you beautiful sunset views and two fantastic pools.

White Blossom: This boutique hotel is located in the capital of Paros and was built in the traditional Cycladic style. It has a pool and is conveniently located for those who want to see as much as possible during their time in Paros.

Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa: This boutique hotel offers three types of accommodation: pavilions, suites, and a villa. The spa is perfect for pampering yourself before heading off to Antiparos to end your honeymoon.

Antiparos (4 Days)

Antiparos is the least internationally known of the islands on this itinerary, but that shouldn’t worry you. In fact, this makes it the perfect place to relax after a three-week honeymoon hopping from one popular island to the next.

What to Do in Antiparos

Antiparos is a great island for those who want to relax by the beach and practice some water sports. But it’s also an island that invites you to explore its landscapes and beautiful villages. A trip to the grotto in the center of an island is going to give you a completely different view of the Cycladic islands. Getting around by ATV is the best option to get to remote and beautiful spots where you can really relax before heading home.

Where to Stay in Antiparos

Kastro: This boutique resort provides wonderful sea views set in the Cycladic landscape of Antiparos. All of the cozy rooms feature either a private balcony or a terrace with views of the garden, the sea, or the pool.

Final Tips

There are so many places to honeymoon in Greece, and you can see more of them the longer you stay, but seeing more than five islands in one trip will be too exhausting so I don’t recommend it. You want your honeymoon to be relaxing as well, right?

If you’re looking for adventure honeymoon destinations then Crete might be even better for you. Crete is a huge island and has many activities for those looking for an active honeymoon. It’s also a good choice for more affordable honeymoon vacations, but given its size you should spend two to three weeks there.

greece honeymoon itinerary pin lemons and luggage

What did you think of this Greece honeymoon guide? Are any of these itineraries for you? If so, enjoy your romantic time in Greece! Please let me know about your Greece honeymoon trip when you’re back. I’d love to hear how it went. What do you think: Is Greece a good honeymoon destination?


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